Happy 100th Birthday Bill Doggett February 16th, 2016
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The Bill Doggett Centennial 
February 16, 2016-February 15, 2017


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Honky Tonk Part 1
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The Bill Doggett Combo@1956
Photo@Gettty Images



Photo from Bill's mother's Photo Scrapbook:Winola Doggett, my grandmother

Celebrating Bill Doggett @ 100 years! 

The Bill Doggett Centennial

 February 16, 1916-February 16, 2016

Born William Ballard Doggett in North Philadelphia, Bill Doggett is one of Philadelphia's musical legends.

Remembered for his landmark  multi Gold Record hit, Honky Tonk Parts  1 and 2 from 1956,  Bill Doggett was a major headliner at the dawn of Rock n Roll and recording star for Syd Nathan's Cincinnati based record company, King Records.

King Records was also home to other legendary headliners including  Earl Bostic, Hank Ballard and The Midnighters, The Dominos, The Royals, The Platters, The Five Keys. The Swallows and the young James Brown and His Famous Flames showcased on King's Federal Records label

King Records is also historic as the nation's first integrated record company
Syd Nathan,an outspoken Jewish entrepreneur was very proud of and intentional in his social progressiveness at his record company.... decades ahead of the national pulse.   
Bill Doggett, Earl Bostic and James Brown were the trio of African American King recording artists who defined a label at the height of Segregation and at the dawn of The Civil Rights Movement of 1955-60.

The brilliance and timing of Bill Doggett's music was that it anticipated and directly matched the pulse of American teenagers' fever for "sock hop" Rock n Roll dances.   

The signature Hits, Honky Tonk Parts 1&2, Ram Bunk Shush, Blip Blop, Monster Party....were all about the world of
1956-59 Rock n Roll teenager fever....
dancing, 45rpm/78rpm juke boxes, poddle skirts, bobby socks, soda fountains and root beer floats, 1956-59 Fords, Chevys, Drive In Movies,Radio disc jockeys like Allan Freed, Black and White TV's showcase of Rock n Roll by
Dick Clark's American Bandstand and The Ed Sullivan Show .

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Courtesy of Blues and Rhythm Magazine, UK

Courtesy DIG Magazine from the Rock N Roll Archive of Bill Doggett II

From The Collection of Bill Doggett II: July 1955 issue of Rhythm&Blues

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 San Francisco Wanda's Picks BlogTalk Radio
 March 16th 2016

 Listen and Learn with nephew Bill Doggett II hosted on SOUNDCLOUD

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Filmography of Honky Tonk video by Andy Kimmel

Opposition to Rock n Roll+Integration
Photos by Rodger Allen and Bill Doggett II

ETTA JAMES and Bill Doggett performed together in 1955. Etta James talks about Bill Doggett in her Autobiography

Photo courtesy  World of Music Blogspot.com

TERRIE ODABI, an Oakland based  singer often compared to  Etta James and BARRY FINNERTY, guitar 
are smokin in this excerpt of the Blues classic, 
Everyday I Have The Blues

The Blues Foundation inducted Bill Doggett posthumously into their Hall of Fame in 2006.  
The Blues is at the foundation of everything.....Bill Doggett

The Bill Doggett Centennial  is a project created by Bill Doggett's nephew and namesake, Bill Doggett II formally William Ballard Doggett II named by his father, Bill's younger brother, John N. Doggett Jr and mother, Frances Brown Doggett, both from North Philadelphia.  

My parents migrated from North Philadelphia to California while, Bill and my aunt Angelyn stayed based in Long Island, New York.   These historic photos are the official published photographs of The Doggett Family.

1957-Bill Doggett in LA with his younger brother, John and wife Frances and his little nephew, Bill Doggett II -photo bookends:Bill's niece Lorraine and nephew, John IIIThe Doggett Family:1960 Los Angeles bookended byThe Doggett Brothers: Bill and John Doggett
Photo 1: Los Angeles circa Fall 1957:L-R:Niece, Lorraine Doggett, Uncle Bill, little Bill II[me], mother, Frances Doggett, Rev. John N Doggett-Bill's younger brother and nephew, "Johnny" John  N Doggett III

Photo 2: Los Angeles circa Spring 1960: Bookended by The Doggett Brothers:Reverend John Doggett and Bill Doggett. L-R: Frances Doggett, Lorraine Doggett, Carolyn Clarke Brown[maternal grandmother], "little" Bill II[center], John N Doggett III, John N Doggett Sr[father of John and Bill Doggett], Winola Doggett[mother of John and Bill Doggett], Angelyn Doggett and Bill Doggett

Photo 3: Los Angeles circa Spring 1960- Open House 1809 Virginia Road:3 Generations of John Doggetts:L-R: Angelyn Doggett, Bill Doggett,John N Doggett III, John N Doggett Jr, Seated: Winola Doggett, John N Doggett Sr, Carolyn Clarke Brown and Frances Brown Doggett

Bill Doggett II@2011 Comcast Newsmaker Interview, San Francisco,CA.


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